IF The World Only Knew

One of the biggest challenges for folks with a disability is how to share our experience and skills to others. This issue is best represented by the song “ IF the World Only Knew” This song is sung by someone with Autism.

This problem is compounded for people with communicative disorders. Autism is one of those disabilities that affects one’s ability to communicate with others. The severity depends on how high or low someone is on the spectrum.

I am on the high end of the spectrum. However I still struggled with social cues and knowing what is appropriate to say. I also had a fear about how people would judge me or fear of being a burden to them. The irony of this is I have a degree in political science, but did not believe I had any power.

This was especially prominent in the world of work. I have a master’s degree in public administration, but not in working in government. Part of the reason being, I am still learning how to build contacts and how utilize my relationships to create future opportunities for myself.

Thus, I have a set of skills but not a clear idea of how to market it. Barriers include my inability to understand people and people’s inability to understand me. Another barrier is knowing what questions to ask and who to ask. Not wanting to feel stupid at times, I would even bother to try and find out who to ask.

A mentor can be someone who helps you deal with that issue; a future post will detail how to find one. A mentor can speak on your behalf about a challenge you have, they can refer you to a jobs, inform you about the social hierarchy and be a shoulder of support.

I have experience with all of these types of mentors, thus requiring many different people to play that role. Thanks to this writing, I have realized I created a new topic post: what I feel are the different types of mentors. In my view, there are people who are advocates, connectors, family, friends, fellow team members, and others. Each person can play one role and/or play multiple roles.

Thank you for reading this post. You reading this helps me learn how to better share myself. If you enjoy the post please like and subscribe. Hope you have a wonderful day.

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